Formed after the brutal killing in Japan of Lucie Blackman in 2000, The Lucie Blackman Trust exists to support British nationals in crisis overseas.


Originally intended to provide free advice and training on safety overseas, The Trust soon realised there was a greater job to do.


Providing families with information, liaison, advice and support throughout a missing person's case overseas remains a core part of it's operations. Every year they reunite many families with the loved one they feared they may never see again.


The skills, knowledge and contacts gained in years of providing this support, along with a mutually respected relationship with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, have enabled The Trust to expand it's remit, and it is now able to help victims of any type of serious crime.


The Trust has been providing a revolutionary level of care to families of British murder or manslaughter victims since 2008 and can offer advice, logistical support, repatriation assistance, problem solving, fundraising support and much more to victims of any serious crime overseas.


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