For some years The Trust has desperately needed to provide a Retreat for victims of serious crime and their families and an opportunity has arisen on land by the Trust Head Office.


Lucie’s Retreat will provide everything a family could possibly need in terms of support, therapy, logistical problem solving, someone to talk to, live link ups to courtrooms in the UK and around the World and so much more. But at the same time it will provide none of that – just a safe, peaceful, beautiful place to be safe and take stock, think and remember. Where help is there if they need it, all the time, but equally where they can be left alone when they need to be.


Since Lucie’s murder in Japan, The Lucie Blackman Trust have been doing work in her name, supporting people going through horrific ordeals. The pain of losing someone close is something we hope nobody ever has to endure, but of course it will and does still happen.


Lucie’s name lives on through the work of her charity but we want this to be her legacy – ground breaking support that will really make a difference. So please read on and find out more about the project and how you can help.


Thank you

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